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Another Seminar FREE to ACR Members

Becky A Bartness  | Published on Monday, February 22, 2016

ACR Family Section Teleconference
Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Noon (EST)
Call Number:  605-562-3140; code: 932 359#

Suicide: What Every Dispute Resolution Practitioner Needs to Know and Understand

with Sande Roberts, MA, mediator, behavior consultant, professor and 
author of the Book: We Need to Talk About Suicide

While the media has brought awareness of the dangers of how military combat and sports concussions are causing suicidal behavior, the fact is that the people sitting at the dispute resolution table with you are equally and proportionately susceptible to contemplating and attempting suicide. During this teleconference, you will learn:

~ Ten conflict situations people find themselves in which may lead them to consider     suicide as a solution;
~ Cognitive, emotional, behavioral and physical signs of stress;
~  Questions professionals ask during an official suicide assessment;
~ Steps you can take to make a difference;
~ Resources to guide people to the help they need.

     Sande Roberts, MA, a mediator, behavioral consultant, professor who recently authored the book, We Need to Talk About Suicide, entered the conflict resolution field 25 years ago. She was originally certified by the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center in San Mateo, California to facilitate youth centered programs for high school and middle school students. Roberts also spent many years working with high-risk teens and families prior to consulting with those in highly visible and high stress professional careers, including law, government, military, police, fire and sports.

     Roberts has a Master's degree in psychology, and is certified as a master trainer in suicide prevention and crisis intervention by the State of California Department of Mental Health. She is adjunct faculty in the Psychology Department at Phoenix College. She serves currently on the Board of Directors of the Arizona chapter of ACR and for the past three years has served as chair or co-chair of AACR’s Annual Youth Conference which is now in its nineteenth year of bringing several hundred teens and their program coordinators together for a day of training.