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From the AACR President

Kate Otting  | Published on 1/15/2018

Greetings AACR community:

Happy new year. There's loads of exciting news to report, thanks to our fantastic team of board members.  We’ve been busy these past few months, and there'll be more to report in the coming months. 

Our current board, comprised of mostly newcomers, was elected in May 2017.  On a blistering hot June morning, we held a retreat.  I opened by sharing a two-fold vision for my tenure as president:

  • Develop Board succession-planning strategies, to ensure a sustainable process of recruiting, onboarding and retaining diverse leaders from throughout Arizona.

  • Build community amongst a diverse landscape of conflict resolution scholars, practitioners, students, retirees and other interested members of the community at-large.

Following the retreat, the board has hustled to move AACR forward.  Committee chairs developed goals for their respective terms.  The more seasoned board members spent time onboarding new board members.  In some cases, this meant giving tutorials on ClubExpress, our website and member management program. In other cases, it meant reviewing policies and practices and/or developing standard operating procedures for intra- and inter-committee operations.  In most cases, this meant learning by doing and then memorializing these plans in the form of a report.  Each committee has its own folder to store all documents, within a shareable drive that will be passed along to successors.

Meanwhile, each committee has been busy also working to accomplish its respective goals toward serving our community.  I'm going to list these updates separately in other news.  Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as the board's accomplishment list continues to grow!

Indeed, there have been moments when I've wondered why I took on this role.  I don’t believe that I have ever worked as hard or slept as little as I have in the past 6 months.  Nevertheless, time has flown, and it has been abundantly fun.  I am continually energized by and grateful for the good people, such as my fellow board members and you, our membership, who make it worthwhile!

Warm regards,

Kate Otting, AACR President